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BOMs Away in the Heat

Yesterday it was -------------------------------->
Today not much better  - 107, ugh.  I may have to scout out a second home to help me get through this.  Anyone want to shout out about their area that has 70-80 degree weather for the summer?

Not feeling too well today, must be the cumulative effect of so many hot days.  This is bad as its only the start of summer. Feel close to heat exhaustion, so not much sewing getting done even with the air on.

Did manage to make a yellow RSC block:

Off to replenish my cold drink and find my cooling neck scarf and wait out the heat of the day.
First off, the stash report. I used .18 yd to make two RSC blocks, .04 yd for two leader and ender blocks, .25 yds for binding of St. Anne quilt,  .19 for two itty bitty quilts and gave away 1 yd of scraps. My new stash YTD total out is 55.04 yds

I finally got some time to sandwich my isolette quilt top.  …

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